Mini Cupcakes, Dz

$ 23.00

Our famous cupcakes, in bite-size form. Perfect for all occasions, from birthdays to holidays to a well-deserved afternoon snack.

Frosting colors and garnish may vary. 

12 mini cupcakes per package.


Assorted Traditionals - 6 Yellow Daisy mini cupcakes + 6 Chocolate mini cupcakes frosted with Vanilla & Chocolate buttercream

Red Velvet - 12 Red Velvet mini cupcakes frosted with cream cheese

Billy's Best - 4 Banana mini cupcakes + 4 Carrot mini cupcakes + 4 Red Velvet mini cupcakes, ALL frosted with cream cheese

Gold Star Minis - Red Velvet mini cupcakes adorned with edible gold stars

Confetti Minis - Yellow Daisy mini cupcakes with confetti baked in. Frosted with vanilla and chocolate buttercream, and rolled in crunchy confetti. 

Specialty Minis - Any of the above with garnish alterations (limitations may apply)

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